Student Support at Kaipara College


At Kaipara College we understand that we need to provide comprehensive and appropriate support for a student to feel safe and achieve personal excellence in a balanced manner so they can transition into a secure, confident and well prepared adult.

For any student in any year level, there are formal support systems in place to give them what they need, when they need it.

Support includes:

  • Whanau teacher
  • Year Kaitiaki (dean)
  • Senior Leadership Team member allocated to each year group
  • Student learning and special education support services
  • Student support centre with a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing services
  • External health and wellbeing services regularly visiting the College
  • Student and staff-led group focussing on students' interests and respecting diversity
  • Student representation on the Kaipara College Board of Trustees
  • Student voice throughout the College including; Tu Rangitira, Sports Council, School Council, Year 12 leadership and the Student Leaders (Year 13 school leaders)

All students are continually observed.  We have open communication with our families and whanau.

We understand that each of our students may have needs at any time and are committed to providing the best support we can, when they need it.


The role of the kaitiaki is to provide appropriate support and direction for the student, whanau and mentor when and as needed.

Each year group has the services and support of a dedicated kaitiaki.  The kaitiaki will, in most cases, travel with their year group through their secondary school education.  It is the kaitiaki that knows the most about the student at school, at home, as well as other aspects of their life.  They work closely with the student's whanau teacher throughout the student's secondary career.

Kaitiaki are selected based on their empathetic nature and proven tendency towards a structured approach towards the role.  All of our kaitiaki work to support the restorative practice and Taera o Kaipara (PB4L) models.  These models are the foundation blocks for how we choose to behave at Kaipara College.


Kaipara College has a strong Pastoral Care Department.  Our goal is to provide an environment of resilience through connectedness that will promote and encourage academic and personal growth for our students.

A resilience model is strength-based and works on the premise that if students are in a supportive and safe school environment, where they feel they belong and are valued and important, along with high and realistic expectations, they have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive education of academic qualifications and life skills.

Our student support team consists of a registered social worker (who is also a counsellor), a student advisor (who is also a registered teacher), and two registered nurses.  Each team member brings a unique set of skills and knowledge that are then wrapped around the student to enable resilience and safety.

The student support team rely on the collaborative assistance of expert outside agencies to ensure the best possible outcome.  These include outside counsellors, a GP, psychologists, youth workers, mentors, youth aid officers etc. who either come in to the school to see students or alternatively students can be seen outside of school.

As a school that is committed to the safety of children and young people under the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014, our services and programmes reflect the principle that the welfare and interests of the young person are the first and paramount consideration.  To this end, the team have well-established links with Oranga Tamariki and Police.

We also have year-level kaitiaki and whanau teachers who closely monitor the students’ academic progress in their year level as well as the students well being.

Appointments are made at the Student Centre.

Family Support

Developed during Covid-19, the attached document has a wealth of support information to assist families to stay healthy and well.  This resource includes extensive contact details for agencies that can provide assistance to families at any time and are not specifically Covid-19 related. 

Support Resource For Families


The School Nurses are Ms Louise Wild and Mrs Robyn Wards.

Both Ms Wild and Mrs Wards are Registered Nurses and have a daily clinic in the Student Centre. Our nurses also undertake a HEADS (holistic health and well-being check) for each Year 9 student. 

Our Health Clinic team will help students when they are unwell or if they have injured themselves.  Students can talk to them about anything to do with their health.  We also have a GP on site once a week.

Appointments are made at the Student Centre.


We see the student centre as the hub of the school and encourage students to present themselves to the centre as the starting point for further support.

Please let the school know if your child will be absent from school.  The attendance officer can be contacted on extension 810.