The Gina Tariau Library

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The Gina Tariau Library is open from 8:00am in the morning till 3:00pm each day.  It is a relaxed place to come and read, study and enjoy some device-free downtime.  The library issues the latest bestsellers as well as classics, non-fiction and Graphic Novels — with over 5,000 titles there is something for everyone.

The Library also supports the English Department with Library Lessons for junior classes to encourage reading and literacy, as well as supporting all other curriculum subjects by providing resources and research tools that our students can take with them as they move on to other areas of their future education.

The link above will take you to The Gina Tariau Library Blog which features recommended reads, new books, and other resources for students.  Check back regularly for new recommendations and information.

If you have any queries regarding the library please feel free to contact our Teacher Librarian, Karen Macdonald.  Please click here to email Karen.

Gina Tariau Library

Our library was renamed The Gina Tariau Library in 2021 to recognise former librarian Gina Tariau's contribution of over 40 years to the school’s library and the Kaipara College community, following her retirement in 2021.