Administration Matters


The Kaipara College school day commences at 8:45am and concludes at 3:00pm, except on Wednesdays when school commences at 9:30am (school bus timetables run to the same time every day).  The Wednesday late start enables our staff to take part in a comprehensive professional development programme, ultimately benefiting staff and students alike.

The teaching and learning timetable consists of three 85 minute teaching periods per day as well as Mentoring, Ako and assembly periods.

85 minute lessons

  • Less swapping of classes means more time for teaching and learning
  • More time for inquiry, individual student projects, peer collaboration, and increased one-on-one work between teachers and students
  • More time to complete practical learning experiences like Science experiments, Art, Food Tech, and Engineering


  • Academic and wellbeing focus through our PRIDE values
  • Individualised - ‘What do I need to do to improve my learning journey and how can I do it?’


  • Ako is flexible time
  • Gives students choice
  • ‘Learning to Learn’
  • Supports learning
  • Focusing on the student as a whole person, including beyond Kaipara College

Senior courses - semesters

  • More tailored programmes that offer 8-10 credits per semester
  • Gives more choice, students can choose up to ten subjects, if appropriate to pathway
  • Some courses will be double semester courses
  • Year 13s will be mentored to ensure they can gain University Entrance


BYOD at Kaipara College

Being a smaller, semi-rural school, we need to bring the world to our school and provide connectivity with worldwide culture, social, and political information.  Devices have been shown to improve student engagement when coupled with effective teacher pedagogy.  Students need to leave school digitally fluent if they are to operate effectively in the workplace in the 21st Century and the vast majority of students already bring a device (e.g. laptop) to school for use in class.

Currently BYOD is compulsory for Year 9 and 10 students and recommended for all other years.  BYOD will be compulsory for all students from 2021.

Broad Guidelines

Years 9 and 10: A chromebook device is perfectly adequate, moderately priced, easy to use and has very few software costs.  It has no on-board software and will have limited use if WiFi is not available.  Everything is stored in the cloud.

Years 11, 12 and 13: Any device that meets the above specifications is useful.  Senior students continuing to university or further study should consider moving up to a laptop.

User Agreements

Each student who wishes to have a device at school must have signed a Digital Citizenship Agreement.  Enforcement of the rules of Digital Citizenship will be strict.

Device Specifications

  • Screen Size: At least 17cms / 7 inches, 25cms is preferred and recommended
  • Keyboard: An onscreen keyboard or a separate keyboard.  An onscreen keyboard should not take up more than half the screen
  • Ports: At least one USB
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8, Apple mac OS X 10.6 or better, Android 2.1 or better
  • Anti-Viral Software: Must Have
  • WiFi: Must Have: No direct connection to the school system is permitted
  • Battery Life: 6 hours or more
  • Google: The device must be able to access Google Drive and Google apps for education
  • Protection: Each device should have a protective cover or case


The school will NOT accept any liability for the security of devices at school.  Devices are at school entirely at the student’s risk.  We have device lockers available for students to rent at $10 per term.  Payment and keys are available from the Student Centre.

Seizure of Devices

Under the Education Act, the College has the power to seize and search any device if the school suspects there is material that is inappropriate, dangerous or harmful to any student or the learning environment.

Mobile Phones

Students may bring mobile phones to school and they may be used during class time as a learning tool, at the teacher's discretion.  Students are not permitted to use phones during interval and lunch - students identified with mobile phones at these times will have their phones confiscated and returned to them at the end of the school day.

Parents and whanau can support this by not calling or messaging the students during the school day.  If you need an URGENT message given to a student, you can contact the school Student Centre on 09 420 8640 ext 810.


Kaipara College is a uniform school.

Parents are asked to ensure that their children wear correct school uniform.  In rare circumstances, where students may not be able to wear a uniform item, parents should write a note to the school explaining the circumstances and the school will issue a permit which is only available from the Deans Office.  The school reserves the right to require students who are not in correct uniform to wear loan items of uniform while at school.

The school will not grant permission for students to wear non-uniform items on an extended basis, unless approval has been given by the Deputy Principal in charge of uniform or the Principal.  Permission will only be granted in medical circumstances where there is appropriate medical documentation provided.  The Kaipara College uniform list is as follows:

  • Kaipara Trousers - pleated or elastic waist
  • Kaipara Shorts
  • Kaipara Skirt - mid length and long
  • Kaipara Shirt (long and short sleeve)
  • Kaipara Blouse (long and short sleeve)
  • Kaipara Ribbed Jersey
  • Kaipara Hoody
  • Kaipara Jacket
  • Kaipara Cap, Beanie, Bucket Hat (not to be worn in class)
  • Kaipara Tie
  • Black Socks or Black Tights
  • Kaipara College Junior PE Uniform – blue shorts and navy/red top (compulsory for Years 9 & 10)
  • Plain flat-soled, totally black LACE UP shoes (no ankle boots/high tops)

Also available: Kaipara Supporters Jackets, Kaipara Scarves

Uniform Code

Some extra notes and guidelines on our uniform and personal grooming:

  • Only school sanctioned items (listed above) are to be worn as part of the uniform.
  • Year 13 students are permitted to wear ‘Number Ones’.  That is a matching navy coloured suit set (pants/skirt) with white blouse/shirt.
  • Extremes in personal presentation or adornment that might be considered incompatible with our uniform standards, or is considered a safety issue, is at the discretion of the principal.
  • Under garments (eg. thermals) are allowed to be worn, but must not be visible.
  • When wearing the school hoody the 'hood' must be down at all times.  The school shirt or blouse must be worn under the hoodie.  The only hoody permitted is the one sold in the uniform shop.
  • During Terms 2 and 3, students may wear plain navy blue or plain black waterproof jackets to and from school and during break times.  Rain jackets are not to be worn during lessons.  Puffer jackets are NOT permitted.
  • Skirts are to be worn at knee length.
  • One small nose stud is permitted.
  • Small studs in pierced ears are acceptable.  Only small and round ear stretches are permitted.  Sleepers are NOT permitted.

Where to buy

The School Uniform Shoppe has a shop onsite at Kaipara College where uniform items can be purchased and ordered.  The shop hours are:

Monday 8:00 - 9:00am (before school)

Wednesday 3:00 - 4:30pm (after school)

Tuesday & Thursday 12:55-1:35pm (school lunchtime)

The uniform shop is located near the school reception.  Uniforms can also be purchased online at and collected from the on site shop although visiting the uniform shop for a fitting first, is recommended.

Methods of Payment

There are several options for making any payments to Kaipara College.  If a payment is being made manually, this can be done by visiting the Student Centre in the main Administration building, between 8:00am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.  Cash and EFTPOS payments are accepted.

For electronic payments, please use the following account:

Kaipara College 12-3139-0002717-00

Please ensure you include your student's name and the activity, event or other purpose of the payment.

Financial Assistance

If you require financial assistance from Work and Income for stationery requirements or uniform costs for the following year, please make an appointment with Work and Income by calling 0800 559 009 prior to the start of Term 1, to avoid delays.


The Ministry of Education provides school transport assistance to help parents overcome barriers to education and meet their responsibility to get their children to school.  The Ministry may provide assistance where distance and/or accessibility may be a barrier for students attending the closest school they can enrol at.  School transport assistance is usually a place on a school bus and school bus transport in the Kaipara area is provided by Ritchies Transport.


Students must meet all three eligibility criteria in order to access school transport assistance.  Having met the Ministry’s eligibility criteria, students are eligible for one school bus route only, that which directly services the student’s residential address.  Students are not able to swap between school bus routes based on convenience or to travel to alternative locations.

Criteria 1

The school must be the closest state or state integrated school the student can enrol at.

Criteria 2

Students in years 9-13 must live at least 4.8 kilometres from the school, over the shortest public road or pedestrian route from home roadside gate to the school’s front gate.

Criteria 3

There must be no suitable public transport options.

“Suitable” public transport must travel within:

  • 2.4 kilometres of the roadside gate of the student’s home, and
  • 2.4 kilometres of the closest appropriate school.

The student:

  • won't have to be picked up before 7am
  • can get to school before it starts
  • can be picked up no later than 1 hour after school finishes
  • won't have to change buses more than once on a journey

Travel on School Buses

  • Students travelling on school buses are under the authority of Kaipara College.
  • At all times, students are required to follow, without question, the directions of the bus driver.
  • The school and the business operating the service have the right to remove travel on school buses from any student who misbehaves or puts themselves or others in danger through unsafe behaviour.
  • If a student is removed from the school buses, then it will be the family’s responsibility to transport the student to and from school.
  • The student will also NOT be permitted to board any chartered buses for the period set.  This includes exclusion from school trips due to inappropriate or unsafe behaviour.

Kaipara College School Bus Routes

On enrolment, students will be assigned bus routes, based on their primary residential address.

The Riverhead 5563 route is a direct resourced route which means that it services students who are out of zone and not eligible for school bus transport and the bus is paid for by families.  Clip tickets for this route are purchased at the Kaipara College Student Services Centre and cost $27.00 for 10 trips.

On the first morning of the school year, any students in Kaipara College uniform will be picked up by the Ritchies Transport school buses which travel the routes identified over the page, whether students are standing at a designated stop or not.  After school on the first day, students are assisted to their correct buses by staff.

Late or Delayed Buses

Please make sure you are at your bus stop at least five minutes before the expected arrival time of your bus.  Breakdowns and delays are rare, but they can happen.  Ritchies Transport advise the College as soon as they can.

If you are concerned about the late arrival of a bus, or have any questions about school bus services or eligibility please contact the school in the first instance.

Click here to View Bus Routes


Keeping parents and caregivers and our wider school community is extremely important to us and there are a number of ways we do that. As much as possible we will stay in touch with you electronically. Your student's mentor, dean or teacher may contact you directly and the school will send out emails and other information to the details we have on file for you. It is vital that you advise us if your contact details change for any reason, whether you change addresses or update your mobile number or email address. You can send new or updated contact information to [email protected] at any time.

School Apps

School Apps is a simple, effective and convenient mobile app for communication between school, students and whanau. You can receive school notifications directly to your phone, let us know if your child is going to be absent, access the parent portal, daily notices and the school calendar, as well as contact staff directly.

There are three easy steps to access School Apps:

School Website

On our site you will find useful information from across the school as well as contact details, access to the parent portal and information for parents of senior students on senior course selection.

Parent Portal

Real time information about the College, your child’s progress and the school’s daily notices as well as electronic permission slips can all be located through the parent portal, accessed via the school website. It is our way to communicate immediate and accurate information home.

Parents and caregivers will be issued with a logon and password to the portal. These will be made available to all new parents at the start of the 2021 school year.

Social Media

We utilise Facebook extensively as well as Instagram to communicate with our school community about events, successes and important details about day to day school life.

Kaipara College Facebook page (designed for family, whanau and community)

Kaipara College Instagram page (designed for students)

Information about upcoming events, successes and important details may be also accessed through our Kaipara College Friends of the College FaceBook page. Past students and families are encouraged to join this page as we build up our Alumni, develop the college PTSA and move towards our centennial celebrations in 2024.

Kaipara College Friends of the College Facebook page (Parent Teacher Student Association)

There are also a number of Kaipara College sports, cultural and other extra-curricula activities that communicate through Facebook. Just search Kaipara College in your Facebook search bar.

2022 DEANS

Please feel free to make contact with our year Deans at any time.

Year 9Sarah-Jane HoltonClick to email Sarah-Jane
Year 10Steve LuntClick to email Steve
Year 11Susie GarlickClick to email Susie
Year 12Mike GrahamClick to email Mike
Year 13Alison HowieClick to email Alison