School Policies

Kaipara College School Policies and Procedures

To ensure effective school performance, the board is committed to maintaining a strong and effective governance framework that incorporates legislative requirements and good practice.

To view a school policy or supporting procedures, other than those below or to access procedures attached to the policies below, please click on this link Kaipara College on SchoolDocs and use the login below to enter the SchoolDocs site.  Use the search function to find the policy you would like to see.

Login: kaipara
Password: pride

Concerns & Complaints

Kaipara College Policies And Procedures   Concerns And Complaints Concernscomplaintsflowchart    

Child Protection Policy                                                                                    Community Conduct Expectations

Kaipara College Policies And Procedures   Child Protection        Kaipara College Policies And Procedures   Community Conduct Expectations

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