Message from the Principal

Cindy Sullivan

Tena koutou e te whānau o kaipara

Welcome to the family of Kaipara College.

I believe an effective school is one where all young people can and do succeed, regardless of their background and in spite of the social, financial, personal and physical challenges they may face. 

Kaipara College is a brilliant and unique school.  It has a busy student and local community that offers many opportunities for success.  The PRIDE values of the school provide us with our WHY.  These indicate that as a school we value partnership within and beyond school, we value respect, innovation, diversity and excellence. It is how we bring those values alive within and beyond school that will enable us to get to our outcomes of belonging and success for each student. 



Cindy With Student Leaders

It is my vision to make Kaipara College a place where students feel they belong and are successful, where their voices and those of their whānau are heard and that their success is essential to everything we do as a school. We will never give up on a student finding success, despite the many challenges that adolescent life inevitably brings. I want Kaipara College to be a place where our young people love to come to learn, where family and whānau feel as though they are an integral and essential part of their students' life and learning journey, and a focal point and hub for local community spirit.

As Principal my main concern is maximising the wellbeing and educational achievement of all the young people who come to Kaipara College, and leading in a responsive and cohesive way all the complexities involved in achieving this.  Maximising the wellbeing and educational achievement of all the young people who come to Kaipara College relies on the efforts of a cohesive and collaborative team. 

All of us contribute to the outcomes for our young people, together we go on this journey, together we determine the future. 

Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi
With your contribution and my contribution, the community will prosper.

Cindy Sullivan

"I am a better person for being around teenagers....not because they test me but because they have this perfect balance of unapologetic and fiery strength, and unfiltered raw vulnerability. They are beautiful examples of aliveness. We should all strive for a little more of that"
Dr Amy Fast