Kaipara College Bus Notice

There are some small changes to certain buses that will be happening from next week. It is no longer necessary to run the Inland Loop bus in the afternoons. The students that live along Inland Road on the way to Kaukapakapa will now catch the the 5562 from school and be dropped off as normal. Those students that live on the highway between Helensville and Inland Road will now catch the 5560 and will be dropped off as normal.

The 5550 (Waioneke Express) will now only travel as far as Tuparekura in the mornings and afternoons. Those students living further up South Head will change to the 5553 in the afternoons and dropped off as normal. In the morning the 5553 will pick up the students in the normal places and transfer them to the 5550 at Tuparekure and they will be taken into school as normal.
The 5559 will revert back to dropping Kaipara College students at Kaukapakapa School in the mornings. The 5560,5561 and 5562 will accept students at Kaukapakapa School and bring them to Kaipara.
There is no need to change bus cards. Please note that Ritchies have advised that students are not allowed to get on a bus to visit friends as it may result in potential overcrowding on certain runs. Thank you.
We hope these changes are clear. The students involved have been informed.
If you require any further information, please call Ritchie's Helensville Depot on 09 4206091.

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