About Kaipara College


Kaipara PrideAt Kaipara College, we offer a unique educational experience for our students. We have a philosophy of academic challenge which provides opportunities for all to be involved and grow through a holistic education. A focus on top quality teaching and learning, with ordered yet exciting classrooms, grows young people full of purpose, curiosity and enthusiasm. Strong personal relationships are present throughout the college, inspiring students to have the confidence to succeed at the highest level.

Our students are expected to contribute to the wider community in a positive and socially responsible manner, with clear avenues for personal and leadership development offered. We support our students to fulfill their aspirations and fully develop their potential.

We look forward to meeting you, and invite you to visit our vibrant school to discover what Kaipara College offers for you.

Brigitta Bravery, Acting Principal


Whia te iti kahurangi ki te tohu koe me he maunga teitei.
"Pursue that which is precious, and do not be deterred by anything less than a lofty mountain.”

History and Facilities

Kaipara College is situated in the beautiful South Kaipara district, north west of Auckland city. The school's location allows it to draw on the best of the urban and rural characteristics within its community. The college was founded in 1924 as Helensville District High School, becoming Kaipara College in 1959. The school draws from a wide catchment area. From Riverhead, Kumeu and Muriwai in the South, through to Glorit and Tahekeroa in the North. The College population of approximately 700 students is diverse and the school caters for a range of individual needs. The relatively small size of the school allows students to be recognised for the qualities that they bring to the school.

The facilities of the school are impressive; modern and purpose built, enabling high quality teaching and learning to take place. The school is on a nine hectare site, with over 80% of the buildings new or redeveloped since 2009. The growing school roll is leading to ongoing investment in state-of-the-art facilities over the next four years.

Academic Experience

At Kaipara College, students are challenged to engage with their learning through a wide range of academic educational experiences. Highly qualified and skilled teachers lead students through pathways designed to meet individual needs. Both academic and vocational courses are available to students, with a range of links to universities and commercial interests within the community developed in support of the student learning.

High expectations of student performance are central to our students gaining success. Student progress is closely monitored and regular reports made to parents and whanau. Within classrooms, students are able to utilise real world, authentic examples to deepen their thinking. Values are discussed and applied through critical thought, where flexible use of knowledge is promoted.

The school is well resourced with a fast and robust wireless network, and students are encouraged to bring electronic devices to assist them with their learning. Students develop the necessary skills to use these devices in an creative and structured environment where responsible use of digital media is upheld.


Wh?ia te iti kahurangi. Ekea tā t?puhipuhi.

Pursue excellence. Follow your dreams. Reach your potential, be all that you can be.

Arts and Culture


The college celebrates and embraces the diversity of its student population through regular school and community events.

Kaipara College enjoys an enviable reputation as a school where outstanding national success has been gained in the Performing Arts. The school has thriving Music, Drama and Maori programmes, with extra curricular opportunities available to all students.

Performance in Music has seen the school awarded New Zealand Music School of the Year three times in recent years. The school’s music programme is centred around contemporary rock and pop genres with numerous bands and solo artists gaining national recognition in the Play It Strange and the SmokeFree RockQuest competitions. All activities are set in real environments and have seen our students being given real opportunities and the chance to perform with some of the biggest names in the New Zealand music industry. The school has regular visits from internationally acclaimed musicians to mentor and guide our musicians artistic endeavours.


The Drama department at Kaipara College has gained considerable recognition and respect over the last few years as it has developed into a centre of strength. Drama has been nominated for seventeen Showdown Awards and has previously won awards for Outstanding Play, Best Props and Best Sound Design.

The Drama department focuses on building confidence within a supportive class environment, reaching our full potential in performance and most of all having fun.


The bicultural character of the school is celebrated through Te Taha māori being central to the college culture. The school Kapa Haka group, ngā Taniwha o Kaipara, participates in festivals and enjoys support from the five Marae situated within our college district. All students have the opportunity to learn Te Reo māori and participate in cultural celebrations of Matariki and Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori. P?whiri and karakia are integrated into school life.



Kaipara College benefits from a strong sporting culture where opportunities to participate and excel are open to all. Students are offered a wide range of sporting opportunities at Kaipara College and the school excels in a number of sporting disciplines, gaining a number of national and regional titles. Students are encouraged by committed coaches and an ethos of mutual support with personal and team development being at the core of our sporting philosophy.

Participation rates are very high, with students developing as well rounded individuals through their involvement in sport. Our athletes are able to represent the College in a wide range of team and individual sports, with clear pathways available for students to gain provincial and national representation. Our sportsmen and sportswomen are encouraged to give back to their community, with many volunteering to coach younger teams and athletes.



Student Experience

All students at the college are encouraged to be an active member of the community, to serve, partake and lead. We encourage respect, responsibility and acceptance of others.

Our commitment to fostering leadership can be seen in the diverse opportunities the students are presented with. These include; Student Leaders, Student Council, Arts and Sports leadership roles, Academic mentors, Peer Support, Peer Sexuality Support, kapa haka, Environmental leadership, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, project, team and group based leadership.

The opportunity for students to be involved in the school and community begins on their first day. The students are in an environment where they can participate at their level or be given challenges to extend their skills and experiences. Service and leadership are two of the attributes the college encourages all our students to take part in. Kaipara College is a proactive member of the South Kaipara and greater Auckland communities.

Wh?ia te iti kahurangi
Strive for the things in life that are important to you

Student Support

The college has an experienced and caring student centre which supports the wellbeing of our young people. We have a full time nurse, careers, guidance and social work experts who have strong links to external agencies that enable our students to feel safe and secure in a nurturing environment. New students are welcomed into the school with a tailored orientation programme that enables students to transition effectively to secondary education at Kaipara College.

Peer support leaders form positive and lasting relationships with younger students, mentoring them in their academic and social lives within the school. Each year level has a Dean who provides pastoral guidance and academic support, working with our students to develop resilience whilst offering parents and whānau clear lines of communication with the college.


Kaipara College has high expectations of students in all aspects of their lives within and beyond the college. We encourage students to immerse themselves in the many opportunities available to them. We believe in the holistic value of education where students strive to fulfil their potential.

Students are expected to represent their parents, whānau and school with pride, taking personal responsibility for their educational outcomes. Students develop the skills to enable them to fully contribute as positive role models in society.


International Students

International students are accepted into Kaipara College with two clear expectations. That they make the most of the academic, cultural and social opportunities provided, and that they actively make the most of the New Zealand experience.

Only forty minutes from the centre of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, the South Kaipara region offers a unique kiwi experience for international students. Our rural and coastal environmental is one that is distinct to the New Zealand west coast. The nearby city offers a host of cultural and entertainment opportunities for our thriving international department.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding homestay accommodation and we work hard to integrate our overseas students into the full life of the school.

Specialist facilities and support services are available to enable students to develop their language and social skills. International students are entitled to join any appropriate courses offered at Kaipara College and gain academic NCEA credits. They will be required to attend the college ESOL course (English as Second Language) as part of their study.