Year 12 Leaders

Year 12 Leaders • Students • Kaipara College

In 2018, Kaipara College introduced the new leadership group, the Year 12 Leaders. 

All Kaipara College Year 12 students are invited to join this group in late term two of the year. To join, students  self-nominate themselves. Those who join the group wish to serve the school body, and, in most cases wish to be considered for Student Leadership in the following year.

Year 12 students are encouraged to consider this group if they wish to make a difference and want to show their actual leadership skills and qualities.

Members of the group take on initiatives that will significantly impact on life at Kaipara College in the following year.

The two initiatives that the 2018 Year 12 Leaders have taken on during term three are;

  • The reintroduction of the Kaipara College House System, and
  • The process for campaigning for the 2019 Student Leadership team.

Both initiatives will significantly impact on the life of the college. 

The group is quite large and it is understood that being in the group does not mean each student will be selected onto the Student Leadership team. However, any members who are available, will be offered leadership opportunities related to the initiatives they have researched and designed while in Year 12 Leaders group.