Support for the Student

Support for the Student • Students • Kaipara College

At Kaipara College we understand that we need to provide comprehensive and appropriate support for a student to feel safe, achieve personal excellence in a balanced manner so they can transition into a secure and confident and well prepared adult.

For any student in any year level there are formal support systems in place to give them what they need, when they need it.
Supports include:

  • Form teacher (same teacher for their five years at college)
  • Year dean (as above)
  • Senior leadership team member allocated to each year group
  • Student learning and special education support services
  • Student support centre with a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing services.
  • External health and wellbeing services regularly visiting the College
  • Student and staff led group focussing on students' interests and respecting diversity.
  • Student representation on the Kaipara College board of trustees.
  • Student voice throughout the College including; Te Ropu Rangitira, sports council, school council, year 12 leadership and the student leaders (year 13 school leaders)

All students are continually observed. We have open communication with our families and whanau.  

We understand that each of our students may have needs at any time and are committed to providing the best support we can, when they need it.