Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership Opportunities • Students • Kaipara College

Kaipara College is proud community where students of all year groups may take part in leadership opportunities in formal leadership roles, student voice, academic mentoring and through extra curricular activities and interests.

We work on developing and consolidating the following attributes for those students keen to be involved in leading the school in some way or another. Our leaders are;

  • Role models of our school's PRIDE values
  • Strong Communicators
  • Passionate, commited and positive about what they are doing.
  • Innovative and creative.
  • Collaborative and respectful towards others

Leadership Opportunities include:

  • Student leadership,
  • Te Roopu Rangatira,
  • Year 12 leaders,
  • Student council,
  • Community of Learning (COL) student voice,
  • Cultural and diversity based groups,
  • Sustainabilty group (CARE),
  • House leaders,
  • Peer Student leaders,
  • Peer Sexuality Support  leaders,
  • Music, Drama  and Visual Arts captains,
  • Academic mentors,
  • Science mentors,
  • Sports council membership,
  • Team leadership,coaching and management, and more

Students are invited to take part in leadership opportunities through daily notices, assemblies, posters, peer and staff introduction. In most cases students can introduce themselves to these leadership opportunities.