Student Council

The student council is open to students from year nine to year twelve.

Kaipara College students are welcome to join at any year level and self-nominate themselves to the council.

Voice and Agency

The council serves as a student agency group or voice for the Board of Trustees' student representative. It's opinions are regularly sought by the student representative as a form of consultation.  The council may also proactively refer concerns, ideas or areas of interest to the student representative.

Te Kahui Ako o Kaipara, the South Kaipara Community of Learning group also consults with the council for student agency. Senior management may at times approach the student council to collect voice as well.

The student council may, at time to time, approach the student body through interviews, lunchtime activities or online surveys to capture timely and honest opinion.


The student council is often the student group that is approached by the wider South Kaipara community for assistance and leadership. Our ambassador programme is led by the student council. Aspects within the ambassador initiative include; leadership, planning, communication with teh whole student body, student with the community, debriefing and feedback.

Students who choose to be a member of the Student Council develop leadership and communication skills. They also create a track record affirmative leadership. This is considered when they become eligible for more senior leadership roles.

Specific Tasks

The Student Council assists with a number of specific tasks throughout the year. The general process includes open and honest discussion, sharing of school visions and plans, and practical activiites and tasks that make a difference to our school and the wider South Kaipara community.

Meetings and tasks are led by senior members of the student council. Although these senior members meet regularly with the deputy principal to discuss any issues or seek guidance it is the members that lead and participate. This approach allows for each member to take advantage of the opportunity to develop their service, leadership and communication skills.

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