Pastoral Care


Student Support and Guidance


 G. Shelling                    T. Roberts            

The Student Support and Guidance Staff are Mrs Gretchen Shelling, Mrs Tracey Roberts and Ms Louise Wild.
They are available to all students to provide help and support for personal matters as well as for school related concerns.
Appointments to have a chat with any member of the team are made in the Student Centre.

Health Clinic

The School Nurse is Ms Louise Wild.
Ms Wild is in the Health Clinic which is in the Student Centre.
Ms Wild will help students when they are unwell or if they have injured themselves.  Students can talk to her about anything to do with their health. 
Appointments are made at the Student Centre.

Attendance Officer

Please let the school know if your student will be absent from school. The attendance officer  is availalbe on 09 4208640 xtn 810.