**Student Update Sunday**

School is back!
Normal school for Year 9 and 10 students starts again on Monday morning.
The NCEA exams will start in the Gym.
The school buses will run as normal.
When you come to school would you all enter via the bus bay gates, please.  You can use the gates at either end of the bus bay.  We would like you to stay away from the hall and the admin areas.
The Whare Ako is safe.  Please get to it up the ramp by the boiler house.
Year 11, 12 and 13 students you are welcome to come in and meet your teachers for extra help or to catch up with internal assessments.  Please sign in and out at the office in the careers room so that we know youe on site.
Year 9 and 10 students:  School will start with form classes at 8.45.
There will be a few room changes so make sure you listen to the daily notices.
We will have an assembly at the end of form period.  Your form teachers will tell you where it will be held.
The examinations are being held in the upper gym.
You should have their admission slips by now.  If you haven’t you will need to get it before your first exam.  They are held in the school office – now in the careers room.

Students with exams should report straight to the Gym area when you arrive.
If you get to school without your exam slip come to the sports office and Mr Roberts will print you a replacement.
Make sure you have your exam timetable on the fridge or your bedroom wall with all your exams clearly marked on it.  Remember that if you have to miss an exam through illness or for some other reason you must contact Mr Roberts immediately.
The School Site
The roof seal is complete and the areas of concern are fenced off and isolated.
All the other classrooms inside and out, and the grounds, have been tested and they are clear and safe for you.
See you on Monday!

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