**Student Update Sunday 1st November**

Kia ora tatou, good morning everybody,
Wasn't it a great game? Discipline, flair, hard work, pride and humility.  I was proud to see Woody on the dais with his medal.
You will know by now that the school is closed for Monday and Tuesday.  The reasons are in the Saturday update on the website.  I know you have lots of questions so I will try and answer some of them now.  Some we can't answer yet but as soon as we can we will put another update on the website.
We have talked to NZQA and organised extensions for all of you with boards due.  We have also got extensions for those of you expecting to do a Digital Technology assessment.  We will put more details about these extensions on the website in the Monday update for you.
If we get clear tests for the school site we will run the NCEA examinations in the Gym.
The examination timetable is unchanged and it us on the NZQA website.
We have to get your admission slips to you. I will tell you how we will do that as soon as I can.
I also know that many of you have tutorials and extra help organised with your teachers.  This is one of our priorities.  I will tell you how we can get this running as soon as possible.  Probably in the update on Monday afternoon.
Prize giving
We will go ahead with prize-giving on Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock.  It will be in the Helensville School Hall.  I am looking forward to seeing you there.  Let’s make it a great night!
We will post the prize-list on the website on Monday.
If we get time we will have a rehearsal.  But all you Year 12 and 13 students know how prize-giving runs.  We will do it the way we have done it over the past few years.  Year 11 students,  Mr Trent and Mrs Bravery will organise you on the night if we haven’t had a practice.  
The buses are running for all the primary schools and their students.  So there is little change for Monday and Tuesday.
The buses will run as normal for you as soon as school re-opens.
Normally we would just have the seniors at school on the prize-giving day.  We haven’t decided what to do about Wednesday yet.  So please watch the website carefully on Monday for this information.
Please tell your friends that this update is on the website so that everyone can see it and remind everyone to look for the update on Monday.
Look after your selves.
Use the time to study for NCEA!
J. Grant

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