Shave for a Cure 2019

Shave for a Cure 2019

Shave for a Cure 2019

Shave for a Cure 2019 • News • Kaipara College

On the 14 August 2019 Kaipara College students organised a Shave for a Cure in honour of those affected by cancer. The students and teachers who agreed to shave their heads found sponsorship. Funds raised exceeded $4000.00. The students decided to donate the money to a local fund, The Angel Fund – Helensville.

The Angel Fund has been running for 10 years . It was set up by a group of community members and receives regular donations from 12 local ”Angels”. The fund provides financial support for families and children who, due to difficult life circumstances need some additional support to assist them through their challenges. The fund assists those who are actively involved in community support programmes in order to make positive changes for themselves and their children.

The Angel Fund will pay for sports fees and uniforms, holiday programmes and those extra curricular activities that build resilience. It also supports those who are in crisis and require emergency assistance. With the additional funds raised by Kaipara College students and teachers, financial support can be given to families affected by cancer and other serious illnesses. The need for this is growing and make all the difference for the families who are under huge additional
financial pressure through no fault of their own.

Those who gave up their time and their hair for this fundraiser were:

  • Tyrone Brown
  • Theo Smales
  • JayJay Clark
  • Jeremy Houghton
  • Tobias Mallet 
  • Aiden Carseldine
  • Ian Cribbins – teacher and
  • Zac Dickinson – teacher

Caitlin Kay and Olivia Simpson did not shave their heads but were involved insupporting and organizing the initiative.
The students say they were moved to organize this amazing initiative as they “wanted to raise awareness, help out people who have suffered and help a good cause and make a difference in our community”. It is so heartening to know that the local youth at Kaipara College have an interest and commitment to supporting their community.

The committee members of the Angel Fund wish to extend their enormous thanks and gratitude to the students and teachers involved in this fundraiser. This generous donation enables the Angel Fund to continue to support and provide for our local
families and children in times of genuine need.

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