BOT Election Results

The BOT elections are now complete. Please see results below.

Congratulations to our new board and a big thank you to everyone who put their names forward.

We would also like to thank our previous board members for all their hard work.This is greatly appreciated.

Brigitta Bravery

Returning Officer

Board of Trustees' Election Declaration of Parent and Staff Election results Parent representative votes:

Keren Anderson 131

Cathy Miller 45

Nadine Armiger 62

Meghan Oliver 90

Gillian Ashworth 68

Julie O'Keefe 49

Brent Bailey 122

Erin Purchase 83

Genelle Bailey 100

Felicity Smith 118

Andrea Clarke 125

Bev Trowbridge 74

Graeme Faulkner 89

Tracey Yelavich 49

Invalid Votes: 7

I hereby declare the following duly elected:
Keren Anderson
Graeme Faulkner
Brent Bailey
Meghan Oliver
Andrea Clarke

Staff representative votes:
Trina Smith 22
Michael Trent 32

I hereby declare Michael Trent duly elected

Brigitta Bravery
Returning Officer