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The PB4L shop will be open from the 24/7 Room next to the Deans Room off the Atrium. It will be open the first half of Lunch on Wednesday. Come exchange your cards for tuck-shop and other vouchers. Then enjoy. With thanks from the PB4L team.
- Wednesday 27th March, 2019 (SAL)
There is a badminton tournament being held on Wednesday the 3rd of April in the top gym. We are looking for 6 year 12 students (two per team) to compete against teachers. Please write your team names down on the sheet by the PE Office by lunch time, Tuesday 2nd April.
- Wednesday 3rd April, 2019 (TLC)
There will be a meeting for all students who are interested or are working on the Duke of Edinburgh award this Wednesday at lunchtime in room 76.
- Wednesday 27th March, 2019 (CRE)
Boys soccer training afterschool this Thursday til 4.30pm! All boys welcome in preparation for the Sports Exchange on Friday 5th April.
- Wednesday 27th March, 2019 (RFM)
There is a Pirates Game being held in the top gym, during lunch, for year 9 and 10 students on Wednesday the 27th of March. Come along and join in the fun!
- Wednesday 27th March, 2019 (TLC)
We will be holding a GAP year seminar on Wed 27 March at lunchtime in the careers room. If you wish to take a GAP year next year or at some point in the future and want to find out what is available then turn up and hear about what options are available for you.
- Wednesday 27th March, 2019 (RLB)

General Notices

SNR 1 - WED/FRI afterschool 3.20-5.00 (Rautawhiri Park)
SNR 2 - TUES/THURS afterschool 3.20-5.00 (Rautawhiri Park)
SNR 3 BLUE - TUES afterschool 3.20-4.30 (Rautawhiri Park)
SNR 4 WHITE - FRI afterschool 3.20-4.30 (Rautawhiri Park) No training next week! IMPT: First training is FRI 5th APRIL!
YEAR 10 RED - TUES afterschool 3.20-4.30 (Rautawhiri Park)
9/1 - FRI afterschool 3.20-4.30 (Kaipara College Courts)
9/2 - FRI afterschool 3.20-4.30 (Kaipara College Courts)
9/3 - THURS afterschool 3.20-4.30 (Rautawhiri Park)
Bring change of clothes, netball shoes and your drink bottle.
Girls and boys hockey trials are @ 4pm this Thursday at North Harbour Hockey on Harbour 1
Is there anyone interested in coaching a netball team at HPS? Teams play on a Saturday morning, about 9:30 ish for year 3/4 and 12pm for year 7/8. For more information email Maddy at [email protected]
The girls rugby training will start at 3.30pm this Thursday. All Girls MUST attend. Thank you
If you are playing netball this season you must register by this FRI 29th March - Please go online www.netballnorthharbour.co.nz MEMBER LOGIN and follow the prompts. If you can't login see Mrs Wilson today to register.