Homestay Conditions

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Kaipara College Designated Caregiver Contract Of Enrolment 2019


We are able to arrange homestay accommodation with a New Zealand family. The homestay provides a student with a fully furnished single room, all meals and laundry. All our homestays follow The Ministry of Education's International Student Homestay Guidelines. Homestays are organised and monitored by Kaipara College.


Kaipara College Information for International Students and their Parents



Homestay Guidelines

  1. The homestay must be one arranged by Kaipara College.
  2. All college homestays have been approved by the College. The homestays conform with the New Zealand Ministry of Education's International Student Homestay Guidelines.
  3. Kaipara College will do its best to find the student a suitable homestay. The College will change the student's homestay if there are reasonable reasons for doing so.
  4. Homestay fees are paid at the same time as the tuition fee. They must be paid 12 months in advance when the student first enrols.
  5. The homestay will provide the student with: 
    a)  A bedroom 
    b)  A bed, linen and bedding 
    c)  A wardrobe 
    d)  A desk 
    e)  Towels 
    f)   Laundry and housekeeping services 
    g)  Three meals a day 
    h)  Unlimited internet/data usage (between 6am – 10pm daily)
  6. The College and the homestay family have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the student and that the student is properly cared for.
  7. The College has staff to help the student adjust to a new country.
  8. The College and the homestay family will help the student get to medical and dental services and can help the student get any medicines or personal items they may need.
  9. To ensure safety the student must follow the rules laid down by the college and the homestay.
  10. The homestay will make the student welcome. The student is expected to fit in with any reasonable rules set down by the homestay family.
  11. In New Zealand students are expected to get the agreement of their homestay parent if they want to go out. The student will be expected to tell the homestay where they are going, who they are going with, how they are travelling and when they expect to return to the homestay. Kaipara College has a 6pm curfew for International Students.