Kaipara College Performing Arts

The Kaipara College Performing Arts Department has a simple philosophy of 'involvement and energy, community and passion, keeping it real'. Its students are actively involved in producing and performing in real and often competitive situations.  We are proud to be recognised for our efforts through the PlayItStrange Trust, the SmokeFreee RockQuest and Tangata Beats music competitions and the iTicket Showdown Drama Awards.

The Performing Arts department focuses on 'student centred learning' and working with genres the students are interested in. It operates within the guidelines of NCEA requirements while maintaining the interest of its students. This is done by being a predominantly modern genre department, with classical being integrated and encouraged as appropriate.  Theatre, songwriting and live performance opportunities are encouraged. 

We share our skills and gifts with the community and often work with other youth and organisations throughout our South Kaipara region. 
Many of our graduates continue on to performing art industry related tertiary study and experiences.

To listen to the music created by our very talented Kaipara students please click on the following link:     

AVENUE Q the musical.

Meet the of our characters from the 2018 Kaipara College production of Avenue Q.  All puppets were made by year 13 students Niamh Read-Hayes and Rosie Roud Cochran. 

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