Trail Running

Teacher in charge:  
Richard Limmer Trail Running Team


Kaipara College have begun to increase the number of students interested in trail running, therefore entered the Xterra Auckland Run Series. They are a series of events run in the winter season to suit short (5km), middle (10km) or long distance running (20-25km). We will run as a team about once a month in the Xterra Series.
All off-road in lovely places such as Shakespeare Park, Hunua Ranges and Woodhill forest. We accrue points for the best five best placed runners in the team that day regardless of distance attempted. Anyone one wanting to join the team see Mr Limmer.

So far this year:
Shakespear regional park 17th May
James Freshwater:          10km     49.33     8th male home                   3rd in Under 20 div
Daniel Calder:                  10km     56.00     36th male home                 5th in Under 20 div
Jayden Ferguson:            10km     64.29     86th male home                 9th in Under 20 div
Katrina Jordan:                10km     63.32     31st female home             4th in Under 20 div

Riverhead Forest;  Sunday 7th June
Katrina Jordan                 14.7km   1hr 48  19th Female home              4th in U20 division
James Freshwater           14.7km    1hr 25  11th Male home                 3rd in U20 division


A new navy blue shirt with Kaipara on the back.


Information about competitions can be found at;

The Xterra Auckland run series website: