Student Coaches

KAIPARA COLLEGE  - Student Coaches

2014 / 15
Kaipara College has 30 student coaches from Year 10 – Year 13, coaching the following sports:
  • Rippa Rugby (school zone days, Helensville and Primary School)
  • Touch Rugby Season 2014/15
  • Netball Junior 9A and 9B 
  • Helensville Primary School Year 5/6 Athletics
  • Helensville Athletics Club Junior Girls Football

Please contact Sue Lusty the coaching co-ordinator if you are interested in coaching!
Sue Lusty  Student Coaches

1 Sativa Peehikuru Touch Rugby
2 Keegan Cooper Touch Rugby
3 Georgia Logan Touch Rugby and Rippa Rugby
4 Anna Steele Touch Rugby and Rippa Rugby
5 Daniel Calder Touch Rugby
6 Cameron Rose Touch Rugby
7 Malia Hemehema Touch Rugby
8 Monique Ryder Touch Rugby
9 Rosie Smith Touch Rugby
10 Brianna Clarke Touch Rugby
11 Caitlyn Cox Touch Rugby
12 Sophie Fisher Touch Rugby
13 Jarel Hemehema Rugby 1st XV
14 Isaac Olsen Athletics and Netball
15 Alex Lusty Athletics and Netball
16 Max Lusty Athletics and Touch Rugby
17 Emily Dainty Athletics
18 Melanie Appleton Athletics
19 Josh Sluiters Athletics
20 Luke Brewer Athletics
21 James Freshwater Athletics
22 Tara Mansell-Sawyers Netball
23 Michelle Freshwater Netball
24 Aleiscia Phillips Rippa Rugby
25 Jacinta Page Rippa Rugby
26 Daniel Way Rippa Rugby
27 Liam Otto Rippa Rugby
28 Anna Lawton Junior Girls Football
29 Brittany Coussons Junior Girls Football