Helping Kaipara College Coaches and Athletes to Succeed


About the Programme
The CSI programme has one overall goal: ‘to improve Harbour schools’ culture and support around coaching, so more coaches are recognised, developed, supported and retained from season to season.
Coaches are a valuable asset throughout the community and at Kaipara College we want to assist and support our coaches in as many ways as we can.
The project wants to work with and around individual needs for the development of each coach.

One of CSI’s main objectives is raising awareness about the positive impact ‘best practice’ coaching can have on an athlete’s performance and personal development.

Athlete-Centred Coaching
  • Placing the needs of the athlete before the interests of the parents, club, school or coach.
  • All athletes are welcome to participate, are valued and encouraged to explore their own potential.
  • Recognise the importance of providing a fun and safe environment.
  • Encourage athletes to be involved in their own development and empowered to take greater responsibility for it

Creating a Fun Environment   
Creating a Learning Environment