Sports At Kaipara

Kaipara College is committed to the promotion of traditional teams Sports at both the “Elite” and “Participation” level. All students will be provided with the opportunity to participate and excel at both levels. Each sport has an appointed Teacher in Charge(TIC) who ensures the sound running and organisation of that sport. They appoint staff, parents and community as coaches.







All team fees are due before the 1st playing game of the season. The school is happy to receive an automatic payment HOWEVER we do ask that the Automatic Payment has commenced before the 1st playing date. Please ensure you have your childs name and sport next to the payment so our Accounts Department allocated it to Sport. Any queries please contact Meghan Oliver or Kim  in the Sports Office [email protected]



Touch - Premier & North Harbour $60 per player

Tennis - $25 per player

Waka Ama (Auckland Regattas) - $25 per person



Netball - $155 per player

Rugby 1st XV - $100 per player

Rugby Boys & Girls - $65 per player (this does not include Rugby 7's)

Soccer/Football Boys & Girls - $50 per player

Hockey - $180 per player

Basketball - $145 per player

Badminton - $50 per player


Currently we have the following registrations open. If your student is interested, they need to register their interest at the Sports Office.



There is a Ski and Snowboarding competition coming up on the 14th June. We currently don't have the exact info, it should be out shortly and we will attach the link below.


Trainings - At Kaipara Cruising Club, Mill Road, Helensville.

  • Listen out for notices at school
  • Ask Ms. Neville, Ms Main, Ms Shelling, Mr. Foreman or at the Sports Office if unsure of when training is
  • Trainings are generally every second week due to tides. We do try and change the days so it doesn’t class with Winter Sports. Girls will be on Mondays and Boys on Tuesdays.
  • If you are doing a WInter Sport (eg. Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer etc.) that MUST come first.
  • Please keep us informed if you have a training for another code but you are still keen to paddle.