General Consents for EOTC and other activities

General Consents for EOTC and other activities • Enrolments • Kaipara College

For any Kaipara College student to take part in a school trip, activity (local, national or international), event or sports team, they and their caregiver must first complete and sign a health and safety consent form. Previously, this meant that for each of the above trips, activities or events, there had been a new consent each time.

The college has introduced a General and Sport EOTC (Education Outside of the Classroom) consent form. Students and their families/whanau are now only required to fill in the form once per year - regardless of the number of trips, events and activities they take part in.

The information and conditions of consent gained from this form are securely stored on our Student Management System and any vital health information is recorded within our school health service.

Please note that if a student does not submit a completed and signed general consent form they will be unable to attend any trip, activity or event, until they do so.

For any clarification about this consent form please contact Mrs Farnan-Sestito - [email protected] 

Please click on the below access to view and print the General consent document.

2018 General EOTC Consent Form