Te Ropu Rangitira

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Te Rōpu Rangatira

Te Rōpu Rangatira (TRR) is a Māori student agency group which was created in 2016. We are about making change at our school so that Māori can learn as Māori. Students join TRR by invitation, or by recommendation from existing members or staff. Students range from Years 9 to 13 and are a mix of students who are highly engaged in school, as well as students who struggle to engage. 


  • First student outing to discuss what Māori learning as Māori, and success as Māori, looks like at Kaipara College.
  • Discussion about the activities that Māori engage in at our school.
  • Māori Assembly run by TRR to survey Māori students about what would encourage them to attend Whakamana Taiohi Māori (Māori celebration evening).
  • Attending staff briefings to teach basic reo Māori. Awarding certificates to staff heard using reo by students.
  • Teacher Only Day run by TRR. Themes such as deficit theorising from a student's perspective were discussed as well as the discussion of the CRRP they had developed.
  • Hosting a number NCEA parent evenings where parents could learn about NCEA, share a hangi, see their student's results. 
  • The running of an amazing race for all staff where all the challenges had an element of Māori culture embedded in it i.e. diving for "kina" (rocks) in the school pool, the pronunciation of Māori names, creating a Māori superhero etc.
  • Hosted more than 10 groups from schools, all the way from the Bay of Islands to Hamilton and teaching them about student agency, in the hopes these schools may start their own groups. 
  • Presenting the work they have done at a Kia Eke Panuku gathering at the University of Auckland, at the Ministry of Education (Auckland), at the ASDAPA conference 2 years in a row, at a South Auckland Deputy Principal conference, and at a Teacher Only Day at Okaihau College.