Senior Academic Prizegiving

Senior Academic Prizegiving • Curriculum & Learning • Kaipara College

Academic Prize-giving

The Kaipara College Senior Academic Prize-giving is held in November each year. There are numerous awards offered for students that have performed commendably but the most prestigious and sought after awards are the Dux and Proxime Accessit awards and the Subject and Faculty awards.

The College is extremely keen to recognise these gifted and diligent young people and also to support their continuing education a tertiary level.

The Kaipara College Board of Trustees,
staff and students would like to invite you to our
Senior Academic Prizegiving

This will be held on:
Thursday 31 October 2019, 7 pm
Kaipara College Hall

Kaipara College Dux Calculation protocols

  1. The GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated in the same manner as NZQA use for the NCEA GPA.
  2. The GPA is calculated over the best 80 Level 3 credits from a maximum of five approved Level 3 University Entrance subjects. These credits are then weighted by awarding points based on the level of achievement.
  3. Only Level 3 Achievement Standards count.
  4. The school’s formative assessment of externally assessed Level 3 Achievement Standards count for credit total and the GPA calculations.
  5. NCEA Level 3 credits gained before Year 13 can be counted towards the best 80 credits used for the Dux calculation.
  6. The student with the highest GPA from their best 80 Level 3 credits is Dux.
  7. A student must complete all standards taught in each of the courses he/she is enrolled in. There cannot be any withdrawals from any Achievement Standards in any course entered.
  8. There is no weighting given to any form of assessment beyond taking into account the credit value of the Achievement Standard.
  9. Scholarship is not included in the Dux calculation.
  10. If students have an equal GPA from their best 80 Level 3 then the student with the most standards at “Excellence” is Dux.
  11. If there is still a tie, then the student with most standards at “Merit” is Dux.
  12. The runner up is the Proxime Accessit.