Our PRIDE Values

PRIDE • Kaipara College


Our PRIDE Values

By building PRIDE in our students each is inspired to reach for success, working as individuals to provide a greater good for our College community.

Our students take PRIDE in who they are, take PRIDE in where they come from, undertaking their journey into their futures with dignity and integrity.

Our PRIDE values are:

P     Partnership     Mahi ngātahi

R     Respect          Whakamiha

I       Innovation      Panoni hou

D     Diversity         Kanorau

E     Excellence      Kairangi



You may start finding something new in the post with your bills. Something positive. Kaipara College is now a Positive Behaviour for Learning or PB4L school. This means we are focusing on the good behaviour we are seeing around school, catching students doing it right, rather than focusing on those who are doing it wrong. As part of this, you may start to find PB4L postcards in your letterbox. These are for consistent good behaviour and is just to let whānau know the positive way students have been acting in school.

Students and even staff are also receiving PB4L cards in school, which can be collected and cashed in for real rewards. How good would you be if you were surprised with a reward when you behaved positively? These cards have been designed by an ex-student and chosen by our PB4L student group. They have proved pretty popular with the students schoolwide. Each card follows one of our school PRIDE values and has a different colour and design meaning students want to collect all five.

The top PB4L award is the PRIDE Principal’s award. This is a certificate awarded by the Principal, to a student who has demonstrated outstanding behaviour encompassing all five PRIDE values. Watch this space for awardees of this prestigious award.

We have already been seeing the positive effects PB4L has been having around school and are looking forward to an extremely positive year.