Kaipara College Curriculum Advancement 2020

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Kaipara College currently delivers a broad and coherent curriculum that is based upon the NZ National Curriculum.

We are constantly seeking to enhance our teaching practice and seek new contexts that will engage students and allow them to succeed to the very best of their ability.

In 2019, the school offered new Maths and English courses along with extending our Connected Class pilot programme within the Junior School.
It was compulsory for Year 9 students to bring a device to school and the teachers embarked on professional development that will allow them to guide students towards being good Digital Citizens.

Teachers have been visiting other schools which have developed and changed their curriculum recently. We wanted to learn about the opportunities and the pitfalls that these changes offered.
The ideas we gathered have been discussed with teachers and students within the school to gain their feedback and their ideas about the direction that Kaipara College should take. We also consulted more widely with whānau and community to gather as wide a voice as possible.
we have carefully considered opinions and guidance as we shaped the curriculum for 2020 and beyond.

The building programme and the exciting new changes to the school environment will also contribute to the overall student experience at the school and the school vision – the production of connected, future orientated learners ready to embrace the opportunities the future offers.

Please find below the link to the Kaipara College introduction document for students, whānau and staff.