BYOD and WiFi at Kaipara College

BYOD and WiFi at Kaipara College • Curriculum & Learning • Kaipara College

Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is compulsory for all Year 9 students in 2019 and full school 2020.


Being a small, rural school we need to bring the world to our school and provide connectivity with worldwide culture, social, political information.

Devices have shown to improve student engagement when coupled with effective teacher pedagogy. Students need to leave school digitally fluent if they are to operate effectively in the workplace in 21st Century.

Device Requirements

  • Junior School - Chromebooks
  • Wireless network capability
  • 10" screen or larger
  • Minimum of 6 hours of use from one battery charge
  • Be able to run full functioning web browser
  • Virus Protection Software

Where to Purchase

There are two business who are offering a discount on Chromebooks for Kaipara College students:

Click here for Noel Leeming BYOD link

Click here for PB Tech BYOD link

Security - Insurance

Kaipara College have available, lockers with power supplies inside of them, to lease for $10 per term.

We highly recommend you purchase full insurance to cover damage and theft. This is often not covered under normal house and contents insurance. Most places can also supply insurance with the purchase of a device.

WiFi – Digital Citizenship

Kaipara College is a Google School. One of the benefits of this is; Google apps are available offline. If students do not have access to Wifi outside of school, they will be able to work on their school tasks at home. This will then update once their device is connected to the Wifi again.

Students will have access to monitored Wifi at Kaipara College. Student must abide by the Digital Citizenship Agreement while using the school’s Wifi. Most Social Media sites are blocked at Kaipara College.

Financial Assistance and Support

If you require financial assistance to purchase a device here are some options:

Both Noel Leeming and PB Technologies have interest free loan facilities.

They are available through their websites.

If you are unable to access a loan and have a Community Services Card, you may be eligible for a very low interest loan from the Salvation Army.

Click here for the Salvation Army link

If you have financial difficulties and are unsuccessful with the Salvation Army Please contact Kim Adams to discuss options for 2019.  [email protected]

       Kaipara College BYOD Brochure for Parents       

Kaipara College Digital Technology Users Agreement