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A Message from Tegan Sainty

2018 Kaipara College Drama Captain 

The Kaipara College Drama department is a unique place.

Tegan Sainty

We go from students in a class to becoming a family during our time at college.

Drama is not just for people who love acting but it is for people who love to express their emotions.

The main event when you get to your senior years is the annual Kaipara College Production, this is where the performing arts classes all come together to create a big family and an outstanding production for our community to enjoy. While the production is mainly cast of seniors, we have all year levels join making it school based rather than just sticking to our senior drama students.

One of the things I love about being a part of the Kaipara College Drama department  is the connection you have with the students and teachers, with all the hard work you go through in preparation to get the final product, it is very rewarding and we have our peers to thank for that.

Drama isn't just fun and games - we do have to open up about the kind of people we are through our characters we play.  

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