Arts and Culture

Arts • Kaipara College

Kaipara College celebrates its ability to offer every student a balanced experience where they can enjoy academic, sporting, artistic and cultural success.

Although a moderately sized school, we are recognised as a high performer in the arts and culture sector.

Our kapa haka is a central aspect of our school cultural life with opportunities provided throughout the year. It is open for all of our students.

The drama department continues to grow with representation as a finalist at the iTicket Showdown Awards for the last four years running. Our productions are chosen by the students to ensure they are relevant to their generation. 

The music department is recognised nationally as a leader in contemporary music. Our additional programmes include Band Factory for elite musicians and Groove Factory for beginners.

Our visual arts also share the spotlight with many of our artists, carrying on to work with artistic and creative industries. 

We see the cultural arts as positive addictions within the kura. Students from across the year groups lead our many arts and cultural activities and groups. 

The skills and attributes students learn and develop here are ones they can use throughout their lives, with confidence.