Update for Students           Tuesday, 3 November


There is no school for Year 9 and 10 students this week.


There is school for Years 11, 12 and 13 students.  It will be a special programme for those seniors doing NCEA.  The details are below.


Organisation for the Week

We have arranged a timetable so that all of you with external assessments coming up can meet with your teachers.  They will have work, information and help for you.


Everybody coming into school tomorrow should report to the Rugby Club at Rautawhiri Park by 8.50am.

Those of you bringing art boards in should go to the rugby club and we will collect them from there.


There is a timetable for the week here: **Student Update**


The buses are running and they will drop off and pick up from the rugby club.


There will be an assembly at 8.50 am before the timetable starts.

We will confirm the timetable for you, tell you about prize-giving and any arrangements for the rest of the week.


You can wear mufti tomorrow.

You need to bring some a drink and some food.  There is no canteen available.


Year 10 Environmental Studies Students

Your trip to Tiritiri on Friday is still on. 

Make sure everyone in the class knows.  Check with your classmates.

You need to be at the Rugby Club at Rautawhiri Park by 8.30 am.  You will be back at 5.30 pm.  This means you need to arrange a pick up from the rugby club.

Don’t forget you need a drink and some food as well as sunscreen.  Look at the weather forecast and make sure you have the right clothes.

If you need anything you can contact Mr Krzanich by email on: [email protected]


Prize giving

Prize-giving starts at 7.00pm.  Please get there on time.

Year 11 students must get to the Helensville School Hall at 6.30 pm so we can explain to you how it all works, thanks.


Dress: This is the most important assembly of the year.  Please dress smartly. 

            No hoodies, jandals, caps, gum etc.


The prize-list is posted on the website.  Even if you aren’t getting a prize we would love to see you there supporting your friends.


Don’t forget to collect your NCEA exam admission slip from the front of the stage at the end of prize-giving.



NCEA will start on Monday, 9 November in the school gym.

You will need your admission slip.  If you haven’t collected it at prize-giving you will need to get it on Thursday or Friday.


The NCEA timetable is with your admission slip.  It also on the NZQA website.  Here is the link:



When you get your timetable, highlight or mark clearly when your exams are timetabled.  You cannot miss them!  Put the timetable on the fridge or your bedroom wall; somewhere you cannot miss it.


If you are ill or cannot make an examination contact the school immediately and we will tell you what you need to do.


Level 3 Painting

Mrs Wilson has been in touch with you and you all need to get your Boards into school tomorrow or by Thursday at the latest.


Level 3 Photography & Level 3 Design

We know that some of you need to come into school and print work and get your Boards assembled.  We have to have your boards in Wellington by 14 November.  We will organise for the printing you need to be done   Make sure you have contacted with your teacher via their kc.ac.nz email addresses.

Alternatively make sure you are at school tomorrow.


Levels 1, 2 and 3 Digital Technology

You have until Wednesday, 18 November to get your work printed and to your teacher,  It needs to be sent away on 19 November.


Levels 1, 2 and 3 Design and Visual Communication (Graphics)

You have until Wednesday, 18 November to get your work printed and to your teacher,  It needs to be sent away on 19 November.


Level 1 Drama

Your internal assessment is proving difficult to organise.

We may have the drama room back in about ten days.

It is an internal assessment so we don’t have any time pressure we could send the result in later this year.


We will let you know exactly what we will do later.  But don’t worry we will try an make sure you have a crack at those Excellence grades.



The full school bus network is running from Wednesday morning onwards.


Getting on your Gmail

Most of you have school gmail accounts.  You should check these from now because we will send these updates to that address as well as putting them on the website.  Your teachers may communicate with you using it.

If you don’t know how to get on to it, Mrs Adams has put an instruction sheet here: **Student Update**



Peer Support Seniors for Next Year

Mrs Shelling has selected the peer support team for next year.  The list is on the website

Don’t forget that you will have a camp at Higham’s Beach on the 27th and 28th of January.


Digital Citizenship Council

The Digital Citizenship Council will meet on Monday 7 December to review the year and to consider any changes to our device use rules.

Any students who would like to come along and join in for the day are welcome.


Contacting your teacher

If you have to contact your teacher you can do so on their kc.ac.nz email address.

It goes initial and [email protected].

Mine is [email protected]

All the email addresses follow the same pattern.


Please tell your friends that this update is on the website so that everyone can see it and remind everyone to look for the update on later in the week.


Take care of yourselves.

Study hard!




J. Grant


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