Update for Students           Tuesday, 2 November

Hi everybody,
Here is the latest information we have for you:
We haven’t had any more positive test results.  But we want to get the site safe as quickly as possible so we are going to have the roof cleaned and sealed this week by specialist contractors.
The Ministry of Education won’t let students be at school while this is happening so we have to close the school site for the rest of the week.
This means no school for Years 9 and 10 students until Monday, 9 November.
However we want to provide as much help as possible for Year 11, 12 and 13 students.
Those of you who know how to get in touch with your teachers by email or via google drive or google docs should do so. 
We are arranging spaces at Rautawhiri Park for any of you to meet your teachers for tutorials, resubs and any other help you need.
Year 11 Drama students we know about your assessment and we will contact you shortly when we work out what we can do to help you with it.  We are keen to see that your work towards those excellence grades continues.
The NCEA examinations will be held in the Gym starting on Monday, 9 November.
Those of you with reader writer help will be looked after in the normal way.
Those of you who are needing reader writer help with finishing off assessments will be contacted by Mrs Ferner in the next few days.
The examination timetable is unchanged and it is up on the NZQA website.
We have to get your admission slips to you. These will be available at the end of senior academic prize-giving from in front of the stage.  If you are not at prize-giving you will have to call into the temporary classrooms at Rautawhiri Park to get it.  Can I remind you all, especially the Year 11 students that you must have this slip in order to get into the NCEA examinations.
Seniors, you have the exclusive use of your teachers for tutorials and help for the rest of this week.  Use it!!!
After that from Monday on you are welcome to come into school to study and get help but it will be school as normal for Year 9 and 10 from that Monday on.
We will have a timetable organised for this and we will post it in the update for you tomorrow.
Prize giving
I confirm that prize-giving is in the Helensville School Hall, starting at 7.00 pm.  I am looking forward to seeing you there.  Let’s make it a great night!
The prize-list can be found by clicking this link: **Student Update**
Year 12 and 13 students; you know how prize-giving works.  It will be the same as normal.  Follow the instruction that Mr Trent and Mr Limmer give you.
Year 11 students we would like you to be at the Helensville School Hall by 6.30 so we can explain to you how the prize-giving system works.
The full school bus network is running from Wednesday morning onwards.
Year 13 End-of-Year
I’m sorry Year 13, I hope you understand, that we can’t see how to fit your BBQ in to the schedule because we have so much to accomplish on Wednesday and we can’t use the school site including the pool.  If you have any ideas you are welcome to get them to me.
Peer Support Seniors for Next Year
Mrs Shelling has selected the peer support team for next year.  Here is the list:  **Student Update**
Don’t forget that you will have a camp at Higham’s Beach on the 27th and 28th of January.
Digital Citizenship Council
The Digital Citizenship Council will meet on Monday 7 December to review the year and to consider any changes to our device use rules. 
Any students who would like to come along and join in for the day are welcome.  The venue will be on the website later in November. 
Contacting your teacher
If you have to contact your teacher you can do so on their kc.ac.nz email address.
It goes initial and [email protected] 
Mine is [email protected]
All the email addresses follow the same pattern.
Please tell your friends that this update is on the website so that everyone can see it and remind everyone to look for the update on Tuesday.
Look after your selves.
Use the time to study for NCEA!
J. Grant

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