Music News 

Congratulations to Pearl Hindley

For those of you who don't know, Pearl is a multi instrumentalist. She is a double bassist, percussionist, pianist, guitarist and primarily, a violinist. She is a Year 13 music student at Kaipara College and plays a huge range of musical genres.
Pearl has just heard the news that she has been accepted as a violinist in the 2014 National Youth Orchestra. This is a considerable achievement as the audition process was considerable and open to all youth, including musical degree graduates.

Pearl, on behalf of your peers, the staff at Kaipara College and the wider South Kaipara community we wish you a truly wonderful experience and are so proud of your achievement

Congratulations to our 7 lineups that won places on this year's national Who Loves Who CD.

Who Loves Who allows college musos to arrange a New Zealand song into their own contemporary version. This is not an easy task and our team once again showed their high level of achievement .
New Zealand secondary schools are incubators of some of the world's best future musicians, and it is awesome to know some of these incredible musos today. 
So here are our chosen final Who Loves Who team
1. Candy Yoo
2. Imogen Roberts
3. Erica Cheriton
4. Jess David and Max Ashworth
5. Keziah Waite, Bianca Bailey and Devon Conway
6. Savannah Hope and Emma Chinami Lee Petersen
7. Aimee-Jane Way and Beth Stewart

I also want to congratulate, Alex Lusty, Alex Horsfield, Matt Hopwood Keanna Phillipps, Bryony Roberts, James Ander for their exceptional efforts with their songs

Nick Roberts