What is technology about?

Technology is intervention by design: the use of practical and intellectual resources to develop products and systems (technological outcomes) that expand human possibilities by addressing needs and realising opportunities. Adaptation and innovation are at the heart of technological practice. Quality outcomes result from thinking and practices that are informed, critical, and creative.
Technology makes enterprising use of its own particular knowledge and skills, together with those of other disciplines. Graphics and other forms of visual representation offer important tools for exploration and communication.
Technology is never static. It is influenced by and in turn impacts on the cultural, ethical, environmental, political, and economic conditions of the day.



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6wks Rolling Technology Option 2 Terms Timber Technology 103 Timber Technology 203  
    Mechanical Engineering 103 Mechanical Engineering 203  
    Graphics 101 Graphics 201 Graphics 301
    Food & Hospitality 103 Food & Hospitality 203 Food & Hospitality 303
    Computer Studies 103 Computer Studies 203 Computer Studies 303
    Digital Technolgy 101 Digital Technology 201 Digital Technology 301
        Design 301