Kaipara College Staff


   B.Bravery (Acting)

Deputy Principals:  

 S. Calcutt (Acting) 
 J. Hardy  


Careers and Gateway:

Kaipara College Staff C.Couch - Careers
Kaipara College Staff M.Paulsen - Gateway

International Students:

Kaipara College Staff S. Ohlsen (Director)


  I.Foreman - Year 9
  S.Calcutt - Year 10
  S. Garlick - Year 11
  J.Hardy - Year 12
  N.Roberts - Year 13

Digital Dean:


Faculty Heads:

  M.Wilson  (PE and Health)
  K.Dowding  (Social Sciences)
  T. Smith  (Technology)
  R. Limmer  (Science)
  R.Kumar  (English & Languages)
  J.Thomas (Mathematics)

Pastoral Care:

  T. Roberts (Social Worker)
  S. Olsen (International Students’ Dean)
  G. Shelling  (Student Adviser)
  P. Ferner  (HoD Learning Support)

Special Education Unit:

  V. Cox
  L. Heming